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With a mix of analog and digital technologies, America Tuned Right provides a hybrid approach to sound engineering in order to produce the best results.

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Sound Mixing

Music Mastering

45 usd per song

The final pass for streaming services or album cohesiveness. Be confident when you release your music in all platforms.

Music Mixing

 150 usd

Enhance and bring to life your music into a soundstage unique to the song. There's no presets used, this service is 100% custom made.

Audio Edits

45 usd hr

This is general service as for eq'ing, repairing, tuning, and prep before mix etc. Think of it as your own assistant engineer or just general audio service needed for personal value. Simple flat rate made easy.



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America Tuned Right

Online Audio Service

Harvey Newhouse is the MixMaster Engineer. 

Experience with 15+ years of music production, learning in live venues, commercial studios, with Grammy winning and local talent. Harvey is now independent to establish a brand of quality and unique music. Our studio is designed with mixing and mastering as the primary focus.

We are in a unique position to provide high quality sound through online services.

If it's local talent We understand the attention and detail needed, and if its commercial We understand the cut to the chase urgency needed for your projects to meet its goals.

Book your projects with us today. 

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Audio Examples

Mix, Master, Recording, and Production



Houston, Texas

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