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Audio Engineering

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Services Simplified

With a mix of analog and digital technologies, America Tuned Right provides a hybrid approach to sound engineering in order to produce the best results.

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45 usd

Make music louder and prouder and, Balance multiple songs to feel cohesive and sound like an album.


 150 usd

Bringing out the potential in your song. Blending together tracks to enhance the sound stage and dynamic 3D field in where the music lives.


45 usd hr

Taking care of the grunt work. Need file named, grouped, noise removal, eq, compression, tuned, etc etc. We will structure and have your tracks session ready.

America Tuned Right

Online Sound Service

Harvey Newhouse is the MixMaster Engineer with 

15+ years of music production. Learning in live venues and commercial studios. 

Our studio is designed with mixing and mastering as the primary focus.

We are a Texas company, and standby our services thats hands on and "made in America"!

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11200 Fuqua st. ste124, Houston, Texas 77089

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